All Napura products are rigorously Made in Italy and enjoy the special certification issued by the Institute for the protection of Italian manufacturers and published on the relative e-commerce pages.

Companies with certified "100% Made in Italy" undergo a series of very accurate checks, the only way to certify and guarantee quality over time. The controls are intended to certify that the entire production cycle of the product is completely made in Italy.

All Napura products are developed in compliance with the European Commission regulations and are safe for women during and after pregnancy.

All Napura products last more than 30 months, accordingly, the European legislation does not provide an expiration date from the production time but from that of their opening, c.d. PAO (Period After Opening).

This period has a variable duration (from 3 to 24 months) and is indicated on the label of the product. Therefore, until you open the package, you can use the product safely.

Parabens are preservatives that have been widely used in the cosmetic industry for their capacity to maintain the characteristics and properties of the products over time.

Numerous studies and scientific researches were performed over the years on the use of these substances and both EU and US health authorities have authorized their use in cosmetics considering those preservatives as safe and free of dangers for humans.

The only risks that may arise from their use are due to a possible allergic reaction to these substances. However, this risk exists for the vast majority of substances with which the body can come in contact (pollens, gluten, powder, etc.) and is not related to the composition of the parabens that the scientific community has recognized as safe for humans.

All Napura products are paraben-free.

The Napura products comply with all the requirements of European cosmetics legislation and, in compliance with European Union Regulation 1223/2009, do not contain heavy metals added as raw materials.

The company is certified ISO 22716 and manufactures its products in the best possible conditions, choosing how much better the commodity market can offer in terms of purity and using equipment designed in 316 steel, very resistant to corrosive agents.

The water used in the production is purified thanks to an advanced system that provides high quality water.

Our products contain substances capable of retaining any traces of heavy metals in order to prevent them from being released onto the skin.

Despite this, it is impossible to guarantee the total and absolute absence of these elements, including nickel, which can cause allergic manifestations in certain
predisposed individuals.

We recommend that those who are allergic to these substances do a sensitivity test before using the products.

Silicones, from which dimethicone derives, are synthetic substances widely used in cosmetics because of their ability to improve product performance in various ways.

Silicones are widely used in sun care products because they are not sticky, thus they prevent the sand from remaining attached to the skin.

In hair care products these are used for the protective, conditioning and polishing effect that they exercise on the fiber.

Can be considered safe for the health of the consumer: they have a low toxicological profile with limited percutaneous absorption, resulting in non-occlusive.

The scent of a product can be obtained by directly employing a perfume or essential oil. Both perfumes and essential oils, in most cases, contain allergenic substances called allergens.

All products by Napura use, wherever possible, essential oils and aromas that are totally free of allergens or contain just small amounts of allergens, needed to avoid any possible reaction.

No, in accordance with the prohibition resulting from European Union legislation to conduct such tests in the cosmetic industry, our products are not tested on animals.

Gluten is a complex protein that is found in most grains and that results in toxicity to celiacs. The cosmetic industry uses cereals that contain gluten as raw material; however, gluten triggers an inflammatory reaction (for celiacs) only when swallowed, and not through transdermal absorption (through the skin).

Although the general trend is to exclude its dangerousness, the risk of ingestion of gluten for celiacs in relation to the products sold by Napura Italy relates exclusively to makeup for the lips (lipsticks, pencils, lip gloss and lip
balms). For these products, we invite those who suffer from celiac disease to pay attention to the composition indicated on the label and to consult a doctor.

All other products that may contain gluten (shampoos, conditioners, etc.) can be considered safe even for celiacs.

The sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are surfactants, or substances that "melt" the dirt and make it slip away with water. SLS and SLES surfactants are widely used in all body care products, such as
shampoo, shower gel, cleaners and so on.

A prolonged use of products containing SLS or SLES causes skin and hair dehydration, altering the hydrolipidic film.

No Napura product contains SLS or SLES.

Paraffin, commonly known as vaseline, is a mineral oil that has been used in cosmetics
for decades for its emollient and lubricant properties. In lipsticks, for example, paraffin is used to make the product shinier.

Napura Italy uses only mineral oils of high purity and quality in full compliance with European legislation: numerous scientific studies have shown that mineral oils used for decades as ingredients in cosmetic products do not pose a health risk to the consumer.

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